About Us

Company Overview

Ted Louis-Hydrostatics Pty Ltd is a privately owned company in New South Wales in Australia and a fully accredited SAI Global that specialises in the field of a cylinder test station and complies with Australian standards AS2337.

The company has been established since 1972 and worked extensively with government bodies and have over 45 years of experience in hydrostatic testing and painting of high-pressured composite gas cylinders, aluminium steel scuba tanks and washing and technical servicing of chemical protective clothing and manufacturing of earthers for Fire and Rescue.

Ted Louis-Hydrostatics provides services to the State and Commonwealth Government. This include The Department of Defence, Police Rescue, Ports Authority and scuba diving industries in Australia. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a friendly and professional service through our open minded and personal approach to your requirements. We aim to meet all our deadlines and completion of projects in a timely manner. We have extensively provided high quality service to government bodies providing reasonable prices enabling Customers to meet their requirements for over 45 years.

Gas Cylinders Hydrostatic Testing

  • is fully accredited by SAI Global and licensed to test including composite wrapped cylinders and certify a vast array of high pressured cylinders and specialising in repainting of cylinders.

  • Aluminium and Steel Scuba tanks

  • is fully accredited by SAI Global and licensed to test and certify a vast array of Aluminium and Steel Scuba Tanks and specialising in repainting of cylinders.

  • Chemical Protective Clothing

  • Washing and technical servicing of Gas-tight Suites as used by fire fighters.

  • Manufacturing of earthers

  • Manufacturing of earthers for the removal of static from bins used by fire fighting services
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