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“All suites are due for testing every 30 months”

Washing and Servicing Chemical protective clothing.

Washing and Servicing Requirments Procedures

At Ted Louis-Hydrostatics a bath is filled with warm water and detergent and stiring with a paddle. The zip is fully closed and fix cap over external coupling. Insert suit and soak for 5 minutes. Lift suit onto drainer and scrub with soft brush and then mild detergent solution to remove any soiling.

Remove suites from drainer and hand by boots on hangers provided in “suit draining area”. Rinsing with fresh water and drip drain for a few minutes. Open zipper and wipe out inside of suit using a clean damp cloth (water mixed with detergent).

All suites are sanitized by Ted Louis-hydrostatic BA Technician prior to repacking in tub. Carry suites to with hanger to “drying room” . Dry Protective cover and place into suite tub on bench top. Open suites and place drying hoses into the suites. Turn drying heaters on and take replacement suit from shelf. Fill in all details of incident and suit exchange on the Protective Clothing Movement Record Board.

Suit Packaging Procedure

  • - Ensure Velcro is closed fully zip open.
  • - Lay out suit, protective cover on, visor down and arms out.
  • - Fold legs up, placing boots into the centre of back (Ensure boots face same direction).
  • - Fold arms into centre of back, ensuring elbows meet boot soles and gloves sit into back of hood.
  • - Lift visor/hood and fold back over boots.
  • - Ensure tub contains all equipment.
  • - Place folded suit into tub ensuring visor and hood and positioned at the labeled end (Visor top)


At Ted Louis-hydrostatics Inspections are carried out 4 times per year. This consists of 3 visual inpections recorded by operational staff and a fourth inspection carried out by our Technical services, which includes a leak tightness test

To conduct a visual inspection

  • - Remove the green technician seal and cable ties from the tub and take out the suit.
  • - Visually inspect the suit for wear and creasing
  • - If the suit is faulty it must be reported.
  • - If the suites is in a serviceable condition re-pack it and cable tie the lid with a green “serviceable” tag indicating all the required inpection information.
  • - Complete the quarterly inspecition card and return it to ourTechinical Services

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